On the Blogs: The Best of 2016 Lists for Development Economists

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It is the season for compiling lists! I’ve collected the most interesting 2016 lists that I’ve seen so far on topics related to economic development. I also compiled a list of the top five posts from this blog.

Best Books

If you want to avoid getting too bogged down in the newest hype, it’s also worth checking out the Real World Economics Review list of The top ten economics books of the last 100 years (compiled through a poll earlier this year).

Best papers, blogs, and misc.

 Finally, the top 5 most read articles on this blog this year

  1. Female Economists and the Blogosphere – Do We Dare Mention Sexism? (as relevant as ever, considering the male dominance of all the above-mentioned lists)
  2. How to Justify Teaching the Worst of Economics to Non-Economists
  3. Development Economics: A Study of Economies, Systems, or Methods?
  4. The Case Against the Universal Liberalisation Model for Economic Growth
  5. The Market or the State: Why Polanyi Still Matters

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